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We're like a second family. We look out for each other and our clients.
We always treat your property as if it were our own.


Here's a friendly face you'll see often!  This guy works 24/7 to provide for his family and his customers. 
He's the founder of Tremblay Contracting and he brings his kids to work every chance he gets. He loves to share his passion with them!



Kasandra is the “mom” of the business. She has been by Ryan’s side from the time he started the company. She always makes sure everyone is happy and goes to great lengths to make that happen.
She's also a friendly voice that will answer any call and make sure the customer or employees are happy.



Don is the owner's proud father. He comes in to help us on a daily basis. Everyone here knows that if you need something Don is your man. 
He'll run anywhere for you, to get whatever you need - all with a smile on his face.



Cody's a guy that can fix any machine and do any task given to him. He's very dedicated to his work and always does great work. 
On-site, he loves to crack jokes to lighten up the mood.
He always has a smile on his face.


She’s like a sister to us and mom to her fur baby Mackenzie. She does it all, here. You'll see her in the office, trucks, tractors, on job sites, and even with the kids!
She's a friendly voice that you'll hear over the phone or over the walkie-talkie, and she’s always willing to help anyone that needs it.


He's our main man on the shovel team. Jeff keeps everything in order - he does quality control for
the walkways and never leaves anyone without a coffee.

He's a hardworking roofer and
when the roofs are covered in snow he helps us down here on the ground.






Dave is a reliable guy. He takes his time to deliver on his work and ensures the details have been covered.

He likes to bring his Taco to work - no we don’t mean his lunch, but his little dog.

Grant has a permanent smile on his face, and he’s known to help any customer when they wave him down. Grant also thinks winter is overrated and wears a T-shirt all year long.



Jason is the newest driver to our team. He's a horse trainer and owner/operator of Lyra Farms.
He has a positive attitude and is a bit of a perfectionist when undertaking any task. We are very excited to have him on the team this year!

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