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Foundation Services

'Foundations', according to the dictionary, are a basis upon which something stands or is supported. Needless to say, a strong foundation is mandatory for any structure of importance such as your home.

When accidents happen, it's important to take care of them swiftly and properly.
If a new project is in the works, a proper and solid foundation is the keystone to its success.

In the harsh, Canadian conditions, it's important to make sure we're protected against the elements.
Tremblay Contracting has the experience necessary to perform waterproofing on your structure.


Or maybe you've had a leak, and your basement is taking in water and/or moisture... The damage may not call for a completely new foundation, so we offer crack repairs. And for those foundations with windows, we also take care of all window wells.


Foundations are an integral part of our service offerings.

We have the means to install or repair just about any structural project you may have.


Have a specific project in mind and are not 100% certain about how to approach it?
We're here for you from start to finish. 


Whatever your needs, big or small, don't fuss call us!


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