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We're Your BEST Solution for Excavating Contractors In Ottawa!
We Guarantee It.


When you need the job done, and done right the 1st time, contact Tremblay Contracting.
Our meticulous approach ensures your satisfaction beyond expectation.

Benefit from our experience, and rest assured - you're in good hands!

We are skilled and dedicated professionals taking pride in our attention to detail. 

Tremblay Contracting is the best at solving problems and offering sensible solutions.

We also specialize in confined areas, We have equipment capable of tackling a variety of excavation projects.

Unlike demolitions of war, we don't use explosives - a massive piece of machinery usually does the trick!

Whether it's an old, useless building you want taken down... we do that.
Whether you need concrete or rocks crushed into much smaller pieces... we do that as well.


Demolition is our strong suit.

We have the means to demolish and get rid of  the 'waste' in just about any situation.

Tremblay Contracting does their best to ensure your property remains accessible during the harsh Canadian winters.We provide 24/7 snow blowing - this includes Christmas and New Years (we do not close for any occasion).We provide these services to the Orleans, ON area.

snow removal.jpg

When accidents happen, it's important to take care of them swiftly and properly.
If a new project is in the works, a proper and solid foundation is the keystone to its success.


Foundations are an integral part of our service offerings.

We have the means to install or repair just about any structural project you may have.

foundations 2.jpg
pool removal.jpg

Pool removals are just another value-added service we offer our community. We know you take pride in your property's structural and aesthetic well-being, and we're with you should you require assistance.


We have the means to remove and restore any 'pool occupied area'!


Have a specific project in mind and are not 100% certain about how to approach it?
We're here for you from start to finish.

Tremblay Contracting Family


We treat our co-workers like family members. The same goes for our customers.

We treat your property and project as if it was ours - with care and attention to detail.

What you get from us?
Friendly, personable service and quality. Period.

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For any inquiries, questions or comments, please send us an email!

Head Office

1901 Nolan Road

Hammond, ON K0A 2A0

Tel: (613) 614-2425

Get a quote: (613) 614-2425

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